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When I opened Inikori Dance Studio in 2006, I had two missions. The first was to make a change in the social lives of our community members, and the second was to make a change in the careers of dancers. For the community, I wanted to create an accessible avenue for escape through dance. We created offerings that made ballroom and Latin dancing accessible to almost everyone, offering packages that gave access to many classes weekly at a fraction of what they would normally cost in the industry. We offered many social events, shows, performance teams, and more. For career dancers I wanted to offer a career and a career path. We offered employment that gave benefits uncommon in the industry – health and dental insurance, paid time off, paid practice time, wages above industry norms, and a career grown path. And we were doing well. Our studio grew very quickly, both our staff and membership, and we very soon became one of the premier dance studios in Rochester NY.

As with all businesses, running it successfully requires diligent attention to details. With our growth, soon our success posed a challenge to managing these details. Along with training teachers and teaching scores of private and group lessons weekly, I also had the fun responsibility of managing and executing marketing, accounting, business planning, follow-up with students and staff, keeping a pulse on the business, and the list went on. The thing is, at this point, we hadn't even reached the peak of our business plan, not by a long shot, but by most measures, we were very successful. What this meant was, like many entrepreneurs, I worked effectively 2-3 jobs to accomplish everything at the standard acceptable to me. It was obvious something had to change. I needed a way to maintain the quality of service avoiding customer dissatisfaction, and it's financial cost, because we couldn't get to make a call. I needed a way to multiply my abilities to get more tasks completed, while not having the budget to hire additional hands. I needed a way to relieve myself from 100 hour work weeks, and be able to have a life again!

Boodlebag is the product of my experience as an entrepreneur, and the challenges I sought to overcome running my dance studio. It is an intelligent cloud platform supporting entrepreneurship. It provides the tools and technology need to operate and grow your business, while relieving the burdens and complexities of entrepreneurship. With Boodlebag I was able to triple my income, With Boodlebag I was able to triple my income, reduce my time spent on back-office and administrative tasks to less than an hour a week, save over $40,000 dollars yearly in reduced overhead expenses, enjoy higher monthly revenue through dependable computer automation, experience less lost business, and live a much more enjoyable balanced life style.

I would like to invite you to try the Boodlebag platform and experience the same relief, growth, and success it offered me.


Jonah Inikori
Founder & CEO
Boodlebag, LLC

Jonah is also a veteran in the software development industry, with over 20 year as a senior software engineer and architect, haven worked with companies like Frontier Communications, TEKsystems, Xerox, Questra Corporation, and Kodak.

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