Manage Your Business With Minimal Time & Effort
Free yourself to do what you love, and be with those you love!
Manage Your Business With Minimal Time & Effort
Free yourself to do what you love, and be with those you love!

Message from our founder

...Boodlebag is the product of my experience as an entrepreneur, and the challenges I sought to overcome running my dance studio ...With Boodlebag I was able to triple my income, reduce my time spent on back-office and administrative tasks to less than an hour a week, save over $40,000 dollars yearly in reduced overhead expenses ...and live a much more enjoyable balanced life style. Read more...


Manage Customers
Add Customers, maintain and manage customer information and account details. View purchases, payments, privileges, account balances, schedules, and more.
Product Catalog
Define products of varous kinds including services, goods, boundles and subscription based products. Setup with privileges granted, configure payment plans, and more.
Point of Sale
Make sales, receive payments including payments by credit card. All tied to customer list and product catalog. Products and services are automatically setup on purchase.
Book Keeping
View your chart of accounts, record checks, manage bank accounts, balance accounts, record deposits, view profit and loss statement, enable accountant login.
Customer Self-Serve
Your clients have the ability to serve themselves, including online scheduling, 24/7/365. Reduce your support hours, enjoy your time off, enjoy family and friends more.
Calendar & Scheduling
Schedule private appointments, group sessions, meetings, and events. All integrated with customer purchases and access privileges. Appointment waiting list also availble.
Shopping Cart
Sell your products online anywhere with a simple link to your shopping cart. All integrated with your workflow. Purchases automatically get setup saving time and resources.
Reminders & Notices
Reduce lost revenue from no-shows. Clients get notifications for appointments. You get notifications for several events that take place through your business workflow.
Enjoy consisent recurring revenue by creating subscription products that automatically invoice and collect payments monthly, with auto retries on failed payments.
Gift Certificates
Take the hassle out of issuing and tracking gift certificates. Can be purchased and printed online, saving you time and resources. Prevents multiple use, and lost certificate.
Create coupons that can be applied to specific product or entier invoice. If product is a subscription product, can be applied to any number of months of the subscription.
Business Mileage
Record business miles by employee. Since Boodlebag runs on mobile phones, easily capture your odometer readings or summary miles on the go, add comments and details for each entry.
Charts & Insights
Get insights into your business with just a few clicks. Know where you stand, so you can grow steadily and know when you need to put in a bit more.


Sales Funnel
Capture leads effortlessly, automate follow-up and lead nurturing. Integrate your marketing and sales with your business workflow and let Boodlebag run your funnel 24/7/365.
Shared Spaces
Share privately within your business, or earn additional income sharing publicly. You create the space, determine who has access, people find your space on Boodlebag, and we handle all the rigors of scheduling 24/7/365.


1. Freedom

Get your life back.

Too often business owners spend the larger portion of their week doing paperwork, managing customers, and managing vendors. You end up being overworked, and have no time to enjoy your family, friends, and the success you've worked so hard for. All having an impact on your health and happiness. Boodlebag creates an immense amount of relief that allows you to start enjoying your life all over again.

2. Efficiency

Everything you need in one place.

Boodlebag strives to bring together all the tools you need to manage and run your business. From customer management to sales, book keeping, banking, product management, calendar and scheduling, and more. You need only learn and work with one system. Everything works together seamlessly, through a natural workflow.

3. Time Saving

Do more in a fraction of the time.

As the adage goes, "time is money". Throw away those spreadsheets you spend hours, days, and even weeks updating. Cut down the number of hours you spend on the phone calling clients. Spend less time trying to figure out how well your business is doing. With Boodlebag handling tasks for you, organizing and automation your business, you focus on your most critical tasks.

4. Cost Saving

Spend less, achieve more.

Boodlebag helps reduce your overall cost of business operations. By reducing the number of tasks you and your staff have to do manually, you save on overhead costs, and are able to focus your energy on higher value activities. Boodlebag also bundles many of the software tools you need to run your business, reducing your expenditure on software resources and paid services. All at a very affordable price.

5. Power

Welcome to the future.

Today, to stay competitive, businesses of all sizes must rely on ever increasingly sophisticated technology. Until now, this was only attainable by big corporations. Boodlebag puts to work for you some of the most sophisticated technologies, and we will continue to advance the tools and technologies we employ. Let our technology propel your business into the future and keep your business ahead of the competition.

6. Simplicity

Intuitive, simple to use, yet powerful!

Whether on a desktop, tablet, or smart phone, experience an intuitive user interface, workflows that align with the natural flow of business, and a platform that is easy to learn and get comfortable with.

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