Business Partnerships

Do you have skills in a certain trade but still working on building your clientele? Or would you like to benefit from the vast resources of a much bigger operator? With our business partnership, by partnering with one of our successful operators get a fast start putting your skills to use and earning even while you haven't built your own clientele, also benefit from their resources, all while keeping your independence.


Partner with a successful operator in your trade

Establish partnership agreement on Boodlebag, including compensation

Get work from your partner

Maintain your independence.

Get compensated for private appointments and group sessions you service.

You choose what partner products you accept to provide services for.

Partnership FAQs

Q:So, do I become an employee of the operator I partner with?
A:No, you remain independent. This is an additional way to get work and earn, while growing your business.

Q:What do I get paid?
A:As part of setting up the partnership on Boodlebag, you enter and both agree to your compensation for private and group services.

Q:How do I get paid?
A:Boodlebag calculates your compensation based on the partnership agreement and presents the accounting. The experienced operator, who we call the partnership organizer, then sends you a check. In the future this will be automated in Boodlebag.

Q:Am I allowed to offer my own products and services?
A:Yes, you are independent. The partnership organizer offers your products and services to their customers. You choose which ones they can offer. You don't have to allow them to offer all your products and services.

Q:What does this cost me?
A:It is compensation, not a cost. You get paid for the services you provide based on your agreement with the partnership organizer.

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