Become an Expert Coach in Your Trade

Develop a coaching business
Earn $100/hr, $200/hr, $500/hr, and more
Build a residual income stream
Are you experienced with proven success in a particular trade or busienss? Examples: Dance, Fitness, Hand crafts, Janitorial, Tutoring, Security, Towing, Food Service, Clothing, Construction, and the list is endless. Have you earned $60k/yr or more? Do you have an organized process you follow? Have you been in business for 3 years or more? Then become a paid business coach on Boodlebag, and extend your success and income.

Why become a paid coach

You are sitting on a wealth of knowledge and experience that is valuable

You can earn significant income sharing your knowledge and experience

You earn extended residual income

You will be joining an ecosystem for entrepreneurship success

Boodlebag continually attracts aspiring and current small business owners seeking success

It's like having an employee but without the head aches, responsibility, cost and government regulations

How it works

Search or receive requests from entrepreneurs on Boodlebag

Establish coaching agreement including your compensation

Schedule and meet for coaching sessions

Create and track coaching tasks and results

Boodlebag computes and disburses your compensation based on agreement

Coach FAQs

Q:How do I get started?
A:You may submit a request to become a business coach by clicking on the "Make Request" button below.

Q:What if it's not working out with my coachee?
A:It's important to screen the candidates you consider to coach. You probably would want to work with individuals that are hungry, smart enough, and with good work ethic. However, sometimes things don't work out. There is a one month trial where you both can try out the relationship, and if things aren't working there is no cost on either of you to break the relationship. After one month, you may end the relationship at anytime, and still get paid for all accrued compensation. It is important to monitor tasks and results to remain confident in the relationship.

Q:How much should I charge?
A:Your compensation is what you choose and agree on with each coachee. Keep in mind candidates shop around. Be able to justify your rate based on your personal level of achievement, and your success with others you are coaching. These will be part of your stats presented to your prospects.

Q:When do I start getting paid?
A:Payments are based on results. If coaching a brand new business, results would be once they start making sales. If an existing business, then it would be when their sales start increasing, or expenses start reducing due to efficiencies you are teaching. Boodlebag disburses collected compensation quarterly.

Q:How are payments collected?
A:Payments are collected from sales processed by your coachee's business using the Boodlebag business management software. How much is collected per transaction is based on the percentage specified in your agreement with your coachee.

Q:Are there any fees Boodlebag charges?
A:Yes, Boodlebag collects a service fee equal to 25% of compensation collected.

Boodlebag Fee - Business Coaching Feature (Coach)

25% of paid compensation
Submit a request to become a business coach by clicking the "Make Request" button below.

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