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Very few business ideas are completely new or revolutionalry. Why try to reinvent the wheel, descovering the same mistakes made by those before you, and having failure be a more likely outcome? Instead, learn from those who have already achieved success in the business or trade you are pursuing, and travel the more assured path to success, without big upfront payments.

How it works

Search available coaches in your area of business

Establish coaching agreement including compensation

Schedule and meet for coaching sessions

Create and track coaching tasks and results

Boodlebag computes and disburses coach compensation based on agreement

Coachee FAQs

Q:What if it's not working out with my coach?
A:It's important to settle on a coach you believe in, but sometimes things don't work out. There is a one month trial where you both can try out the relationship, and if things aren't working there is no cost to either of your to break the relationship. After one month, you may end the relationship at anytime, but still owe your coach any accrued compensation. It is important to monitor tasks and results to remain confident in the relationship.

Q:How much does a coach cost?
A:The compensation you pay your coach is what you agree on together. Feel free to compare what different coaches are asking for. Consider the amount along with their resume and track record.

Q:When do I start paying my coach?
A:Payments are based on results. If you are a brand new business, results would be once you start making sales. If you are already in business, then it would be when your sales start increasing, or your expenses start reducing due to efficiencies you are learning.

Q:How is payment to my coach collected?
A:Payments are collected from sales processed in your account using the Boodlebag business management software. How much is collected is based on the percentage specified in your agreement with the coach.

Q:Are there any other fees I have to pay?
A:Yes, Boodlebag collects a service fee for this feature. This is only collected once you have an active coaching agreement. Please see pricing below.


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