All-In-One Business Management Software

Manage administrative and back-office functions with minimal time and effort. Point of Sale, Book Keeping, Appointment Scheduling, Client Follow-up, and much more! When added, works with other offerings like Marketing and Flexible Business Spaces Rentals.


Manage Customers
Add Customers, maintain and manage customer information and account details. View purchases, payments, privileges, account balances, schedules, and more.
Product Catalog
Define products of various kinds including services, goods, bundles and subscription based products. Setup with privileges granted, configure payment plans, and more.
Point of Sale
Make sales, receive payments including payments by credit card. All tied to customer list and product catalog. Products and services are automatically setup on purchase.
Book Keeping
View your chart of accounts, record checks, manage bank accounts, balance accounts, record deposits, view profit and loss statement, enable accountant login.
Customer Self-Serve
Your clients have the ability to serve themselves, including online scheduling, 24/7/365. Reduce your support hours, enjoy your time off, enjoy family and friends more.
Calendar & Scheduling
Schedule private appointments, group sessions, meetings, and events. All integrated with customer purchases and access privileges. Appointment waiting list also availble.
Shopping Cart
Sell your products online anywhere with a simple link to your shopping cart. All integrated with your workflow. Purchases automatically get setup saving time and resources.
Reminders & Notices
Reduce lost revenue from no-shows. Clients get notifications for appointments. You get notifications for several events that take place through your business workflow.
Enjoy consisent recurring revenue by creating subscription products that automatically invoice and collect payments monthly, with auto retries on failed payments.
Gift Certificates
Take the hassle out of issuing and tracking gift certificates. Can be purchased and printed online, saving you time and resources. Prevents multiple use, and lost certificates.
Create coupons that can be applied to specific product or entier invoice. If product is a subscription product, can be applied to any number of months of the subscription.
Business Mileage
Record business miles by employee. Since Boodlebag runs on mobile phones, easily capture your odometer readings or summary miles on the go, add comments and details for each entry.
Charts & Insights
Get insights into your business with just a few clicks. Know where you stand, so you can grow steadily and know when you need to put in a bit more.

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