Crowdsourced Marketing

As a small business owner, what you want are new and repeat customers, but what marketers and advertisers sell is their reach, and promises of results. It's time to stop playing their game. Use the capabilities of crowd sourcing, and let the marketers on our platform help you get customers, while you only pay when they bring you paying customers!


Customer Referral Marketing:
Automated customer referral process

Referral incentives

Option to only give incentive to referrals that bring in a first time customer

Option to extend incentive to life of referred customer or fixed number of months

Boodlebag promotes your referral program with your customers and manages referral process
Crowdsourced Marketing:
Have the marketers on our platform do your marketing

Search available marketers

Establish marketing agreements including commission amount

Option to only pay commission for results that yield a first time customer

Option to extend commission to life of resulting customer or fixed number of months

Boodlebag deducts commissions from payments and handles disbursements to marketers

Marketing FAQs

Q:What does it mean to extend to life of referred customer or fixed number of months?
A:Our marketing feature offers a way to vastly increase the value of the incentive you give. An example would be giving a 10% credit or marketer commission for all purchases by the customer referred for a year. This could increase the motivation of your customers and marketers to work harder for you.

Q:How do my customers get their credit?
A:Credits are held as non-refundable credits on your customer's account. Upon a purchase, any available credits are first applied to their invoice, reducing the amount they have to pay.

Q:Do I need the Business Management Module to use the Marketing Module?
A:To get the most out of the Marketing Module, yes. Customer referral feature requires it, but Crowdsourced Marketing does not, but some features like extending commissions will not be available.

Q:Customer referral pricing shows $25/mo, 15% and 5%. What does this mean?
A:$25/mo is the base feature fee for the merchant. If credit is given only once, Boodlebag retains as part of it's fee 15% of what's paid. If credit is given over multiple purchases, then Boodlebag percent fee is reduced to 5% of each purchase.

Q:How much commission do I pay when a marketer gets me a sale?
A:The commission you pay marketers is what you agree on with the marketer.

Q:Can I choose what products I offer for customer referral and marketer driven purchases?
A:Yes. You specify what products are available for purchase through referrals and Crowdsourced marketing.


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Boodlebag Fee - Marketing Feature (Merchant)

Customer Referral$25/mo + (15% one time or 5% recurring ) of Receipts
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