Studio Spaces South Florida
Studio Spaces South Florida
When I closed my studio, it was very dificult finding a suitable space to continue teaching. I though I could do a simple search and see spaces available, but that just didn't exist. I also wanted a studio that offered a convinient way of knowing when the space was available, and to schedule my times. I didn't want to have to call the studio every time my students asked for a lesson or called to make a change. Not finding what I though was common sense, I decided to build an app to provide that solution. I have launched this app in South Florida. Studio owners, add your studio and spaces. Teachers, join the community and get the studio space you need and only pay when you use it. Spaces available for dance, yoga, fitness, and more. Our software shows you availability, and helps manage scheduling and payments. Never go back and forth again with the studio to secure a time for your use.


Centralized listing of studio spaces for rent in South Forida

Rent spaces by the hour, week, or as you need it

Pay only when you use it

No going back and forth to determine availablility

Book your times online

Work out of multiple locations

and much more...

Use coupon code RT1015 and get 1 year FREE. Offer expires 10/15/21.

Studio Owners

Unlock the cash value of vacant times in your spaces

Join our community and take out the hassle trying to get renters

Free yourself from constant requests for availability and scheduling

Get paid easily

Use coupon code LL1015 and get 1 year FREE. Offer expires 10/15/21.

Boodlebag Fees - Shared Spaces Pricing

Owner (Space Type)Private$10/mo/Share Unit
Public15% of Receipts
Mixed Use$10/mo/Share Unit + 15% of Receipts
Single Tenant Spaces$20/mo/Space
Renter$25/mo per 2 Location Increment
View Collective Pricing

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