Shared Spaces
Shared Spaces
Get the space you need to run your business when you need it. For a half hour, a few hours, days, weeks, months, or years. All business spaces are supported, from yoga, dance or fitness spaces, to chairs in salons or barbar shops, or even desks in an office space, or rooms in a building or whole buildings.
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Types of Spaces

Private Spaces:
Shared privately within an organization or business.
Public Spaces:
Rented out to freelancers and other businesses for shared use on a flexible rental basis, by hour, day, week, month, etc.
Mixed Use Spaces:
Used by a business and it's staff, and also rented out to freelancers and other businesses for shared use on a flexible rental basis, by hour, day, week, month, etc.
Single Tenant Spaces:
Rented out to a single tenant business for any duration.


Realize the cash value of vacant times in your space.
Share privately and publicly with other business owners

Public, mixed use, and single tenant spaces appear in public searches

Configurable rent rates

Configurable private use vs public use time blocks

Configurable cancellation policy

Optional individual tenant rent rates

Automatic payment processing

Configurable payment processing frequency

View usage, billing, and payments
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Reduce your startup costs, ongoing expenses, and risk
Rent spaces by the hour, week, or as you need it

Search public shared spaces based on suitable use and other criteria

Request access with landlord

View space availability

Reserve space for time block
All Spaces:
With Boodlebag Business Management Software, location & space option added to appointment scheduling

With Boodlebag Business Management Software, automatic available space finder during appointment scheduling, including when clients book online

Shared Spaces FAQs

Q:How does pricing for tenants work?
A:Tenants are only charged when they have active space sharing agreements, meaning a landlord has accepted their use of a space. Charges are based on the number of locations a tenant has sharing agreements for, regardless of how many spaces in each location they have permission to use.

Q:What are locations?
A:Locations are business addresses, which may have multiple spaces.

Q:How does pricing for landlords work?
A:With Public spaces, landlords are only charged for spaces with active renting tenants. Private, mixed use, and single tenant spaces have a monthly subscription fee. For public and mixed use spaces, there is also a processing fee charged. See our pricing.

Q:Do I need the Business Management Module to use Shared Spaces?
A:No, but with the Business Management module locations and spaces become available during appointment bookings, including when your clients book online, greatly improving your customer booking experience.

Q:What is a share unit?
A:Private, Public, and Mixed Use spaces have a booking capacity which is the number of concurent bookings that can share the space at the same time. Each booking is a share unit. For example, a salon with 5 identical chairs to rent to independent stylist can create a single space with a booking capacity of 5, rather than creating 5 different spaces.

Boodlebag Fees - Shared Spaces Pricing

LandlordPrivate$10/mo/Share Unit
Public15% of Receipts
Mixed Use$10/mo/Share Unit + 15% of Receipts
Single Tenant Spaces$20/mo/Space
Tenant$25/mo per 2 Location Increment
View Collective Pricing

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