Flexible Business Space Rentals (Shared Spaces)

Get the space you need to run your business when you need it. For a half hour, a few hours, days, months, or years. All business spaces are supported, from yoga, dance or fitness spaces, to chairs in salons or barbar shops, or even desks in an office space, or rooms in a building or whole buildings.


Private Spaces:
Share privately within your organization or business

View space schedule

Reserve space for time block

Location & space option added to appointment scheduling

Automatic available space finder during appointment scheduling
Public Spaces:
Share privately and publicly with other business owners

Public spaces appear in public searches

Configurable charge rates

Configurable private use vs public use time blocks

Configurable cancellation policy

Optional individual tenant rates

Automatic rent collection

Configurable rent collection frequency

View usage, billing, and payments
Rent spaces owned by other businesses

Search public shared spaces based on suitable use and other criteria

Request access with landlord

View space availability

Reserve space for time block

With Business Management Software, location & space option added to appointment scheduling

With Business Management Software, automatic available space finder during appointment scheduling, including when clients book online

Shared Spaces FAQs

Q:What are private spaces?
A:Private spaces are spaces you create to be shared within your business only, not to be visible to others on Boodlebag.

Q:What are public spaces?
A:Public spaces are spaces you create that in addition to sharing privately within your business, are also visible to others on Boodlebag to request access, and if approved by you, may book it for their business.

Q:Do I need the Business Management Module to use Shared Spaces?
A:No, but with the Business Management module locations and spaces become available during appointment bookings, including when your clients book online, greatly improving your customer booking experience.

Q:Under landlord pricing what are "Share Units"?
A:Public spaces allow for multiple individuals to share that space at the same time. An example is a salon with 5 chairs which are all identical and a booking could apply to any. In this case, the salon has 5 share units.

Q:What are locations?
A:Locations are business addresses, which may have multiple spaces.

Boodlebag Fees - Shared Spaces Pricing

Private Share$10/mo/Space
Landlord$20/mo/Share Unit + 15% of Receipts
Tenant$25/mo per 2 Location increment
View Collective Pricing

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